A walk in the park


The Skin Scribe, the Pimp Ride, and a Gun on the Roadside


A seat with a view

If the surroundings weren't beauty enough even the drive out of New Mexico's portion of the Rocky Mountains was stunning.  I do find it hard sometimes to be in the passenger seat but this time the view made it seem OK.

It was hard to keep your eyes on the road but luckily our driver was able to keep focus. Speaking of focus I am amazed at how good the photos taken from the passenger seat came out.

A quick stop In Taos to appreciate the Mountain we had just came down from and get a few portraits.

The decent from Taos was marvelous. I am not a huge fan of the curvy roads but all I had to do was look around and all the amazing changing of landscape kept me entertained.



We were eager to get back to the comfort of home but made sure to stop periodically and appreciate our surroundings and get a few choice photos to remember the occasion and feed my meglomania.

New Mexico was as beatiful as ever. I had only seen it before in the summer but the winter definately has its appeal.

Adventures in the Land of Enchantment

The view from our cabin is great. Its nowhere near as cold as it looks untill you start getting the snow on you. The late night jam  sessions with everyone is really an ideal way to spend some of your evening and definately adds to the cabin effect.

The wildlife hear in the Rio Colorado have been well feed by the locals. We found out that they really prefer crisps. The seemed really fond of the chedder cheese and chives. Not so much inpressed with wheatbread or broccoli.
Here is where I will offer a good bit of advise. The bunny slopes lift didn't appear to require a ticket., For beginners I recommend the first day just renting skis for about 30$ and  spend your time getting the hang of things. alot of us ended up feeling a little worse for the wear for hitting up the gigger slopes right away.Next time I will have everyone who isnt experienced to stay on the bunny slopes to get warmed up, if you havent skied before you can learn a lot watching parents teach their children,and spend your money on the big lift the second day. This will save a few bucks and you keep you from being to beat up to ski the next day.

My poor wife has been suffering from altitude sickness and if she isnt better by morning we are going to get her a can of oxygen.

 After getting your ski legs, the farther up you go the prettier the scenery. Althougth I did get a chance to crash my biggest for a drunken audience at a local pub/lift on my way around the mountain.
 Hopefully we aren't beat up to bad in the morning. Aja, Austin, Kim, are layed up sore and suffering from the higher elevation. Breathing is different here. The hair is thinner and it takes a minute to catch your breath after such small tasks as suiting up in the layers that are nessisary.
 Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Day one started out pretty well. I was able to get out of work early without complication and we hit the road by 1100 central time.

 We managed to make impressive time. Jim Dick and Myself split driving duty and we even managed to stop right at the Oklahoma.Texas border for some pictures.

After a quick stretch of the legs we hit t6he roasd and watched the sunset near Amarillo, Tx

With the sun down all we had ahead of us was to leave the Texas panhandle behind and get our behinds to Red River, Nm. Normally I would think we were missing out driving thought the mountains at night but we managed to see a few heards of Elk and make it to the cabin problem free with the new scenery awaiting sunup.
The new day brought breathtaking scenery and and a full day of snow fun.

The wifi hear is questionable butwho cares. the company and suraundings are amazing. In will be sure to post m ore photos tomorrow if possible.

Oh' Fortuna

 I feel now like life has been kicking me pretty hard and I tried to move out of the way of the kicks and in the process my friends caught the kick right in the ribs.  I am beating myself up for accidentally sabatoging Timm Tayshuns show he's been working so hard twards. My inability to think of anyone but myself allowed me to neglect to remember that by having Jim Dick go with us I was taking all that Timm had left of his backup singers and he did make this new album geared twards having backup.On top of that I have a few work mates who have been pulling double duty this weekend to make it possible for me to go on this Red River, NM trip with the family. Due to circumstances  I havent been able to do much lately in the way of covering shifts or helping out but they really pulled together to cover most of my shift. For that and all the other backs I've had to step on to get my wife to her family retreat I owe a debt of gratitude and I will now set my eyes to the end goal and try my best to quit worrying nonstop. For the next 6 days I will push all the negative thoughts out of my head and try to recharge my core energy.
Starting tomorrow you will have a series of beautifully scenic photo's and adventure stories from my trip to the Land of Enchantment. 
Once again to all the friends who pulled together to make the human bridge for me to make my way I am truly thankful.