The Chupa Cabra House boys have been called in to help keep the local DIY all ages venue from collapsing. Thanks to a currupt co-owner all the profits have been squandered and ruff ground is an understatement as to what the venue stands on.
 We have been booking plenty of shows using the wealth of local talent.  The A+ Setup is a local favorite and always draws its loyal fans out. Elliot the Letter Ostrich is an awesome band from Tulsa. The guitarist is the long time boyfriend of one of our childhood friends who has traded Fort Smiths struggling scene for Tulsa's healthy on years ago. Mexico Mexico is  from Russleville, Ar and put on a powerful show.
Tonight was a great show but I have to say that this place has its days numbered. Timm Tayshun has been sinking a load of cash into the place and the crowds have been looking up. I have a feeling still that maybe it wasnt just one of the previous first set of owners that are squandering the profits. Until we get a venue of our own it seems we'll be having some lies to filter through.   But for the time. Lets Rock!
Elliot The Letter Ostrich
Mexico Mexico
The A+ Setup
Timm Tayshun and his old side kick Wayne Damage