Local Heroes at Heros

 Fort Smith's scene has changed over time much like its inhabitants. It wasn't that long ago that every weekend someones house would fill up with an assortment of some it the towns more colorful personalitys and  massive amounts of alchohol would begin being consumed. Many times when lack of a local venue became an issue these house partys would become the venue and the neighbors would cuss Fate for providing allowing us to move in. With those days a fading memory the scene now luckily has at least one bar owner who is willing to let the old punk scene invade on occasion.
 Most of the musicians who were playing in hardcore and punk bands a dozen years ago seem to now either be playing country inspired rock in the tradition of Social D or Wilco or are making hip hop or other uncategorizable brand of weirdness .
 Once a year or so local legend Jason Garvey puts together an old punk night bringing back an old local favorite and a slew of other notable acts. On that night the Bar is standing room only and in sure the liquer and beer sells are through the roof. This night was NOT one of those nights but luckily we did manage to pull out a full house and put out a  powerful set that managed to impress our awesomeness to those who made it out that didn't already know us from previous shows.I Love playing Heros.
 Jim Dick and the Pocket Aces booked this show but Jim singing back-up with us made it no surprise when we were lined up to headline. Not wanting to miss the fun I got there early and as always enjoyed the JD&TPA set.

  With the crowd in the mood to groove after the JD&TPA set all we had to do was turn it out and success was guaranteed. Nothing beats really getting a strong response from a crowd when performing.
I am so looking to playing more shows with our expanded drumline.

DarkLight Night 2010

The 2010 Darklight anniversary party was a smashing success dispite some minor technical difficultys with the sound that we quickly worked through.  As always 90% of the crowd was full of Drank and the other 10% were either designated drivers or not yet old enough to partake.
 I have to say that although I had to drag into work the next morning at 5am still a bit wuzzy It was the beginning of an enjoyable and memorable weekend. I've come to look forward to this shindig all year long. Having rented out a large portion of The Olde Fifth Seasons Inn makes it easy and convenient for everyone to get as lite as they see fit with an open  bar constantly pumping alcohol into these beasts it not hard. It almost has the feel of one of the old punk house partys of yester year.
Timm Tayshun ans his Seven Deadly Sinns headlined the show following a couple power performances by a couple other Chupa Cabra acts: Jim Dick and The Pocket Aces, and The Super Smashed Brothers. As well as a Full Contact Muscal Chairs event thanks to the River Valley RollerGirls.

 If you'd like to see more photos from the Party heres a great link: Darklight Party 2010