On the Trail Of Kukulkan

 Following my wedding on the solstice the wife and  I set out to find Feathered Serpent .  The  Chicxulub Crater's call is strong and the the Yucat√°n Peninsula's residents are amazing people. I must admit that some of the most memorable experiences I had there were related to public transit but when I was able to get away into the heart of the region I learned just how amazing it really was there in the ancient Maya Lowlands . The people we meet were friendly although it was at times hard to get away from masses of people eager to sell you something but truly everyone was very nice.I would have gladly bought way more from the locals than the buisnesses.

One regret I have is that we took a bus into Chichen Itza that wasn't abliged to allow us to wonder about the small towns. I am fairly certain they didn't want us getting to buy things they were wanting to sell from somewhere that didn't have the sam inflated prices as they were offering.  


 We had demonstrated to us how the ancients technique of carrying rocks on their heads had left a genetic trait that allowed for them to dance around fast with a beer on their heads and spin like a top without spilling a drop.  The food we ate in these small communities was some of the best food I've ever had and the dinner theatre was a nice touch.

A town built on the remnants of an empire. It was truly remarkable but the truly impressive was still yet to be seen.  With a quick stop at one of the  local  cenotes we cooled off with a quick dip. The weather is remarkably balmy this time of year and  it was a nice change with how cool it was down in the cenote .

It was amazing how all the fish just swam with you and how the amazing long roots of the surrounding jungle hung down the rocky walls to drink from the cool water.
This would be the last cool moment for a few hours.



Then out of nowhere we get covered by dark black clouds bringing in a hard hitting rain that cooled everything down finally but had us so drenched we couldn't bring our selves to take our camera back out of its bag. Its a shame to because this was a time when we had slipped away from the group and got stuck in a small open shop that was shoulder to shoulder packed with Japenese tourist. This was a time I would have liked to capture on film but soon as the sun came back out we rushed of to try and catch Kukulkan has he slipped down the Pyrimid de Chitzen Itza.
 A short time later we were back on our air conditioned bus in our rain covered clothes and managed to actually get cold for a short spell on our way back to our lodging in Cancun.

Vinz Clortho

I do believe that Vinz Clortho may be picking up momentum as Left Leg Limpin seems to be losing momentum. Doesn't matter to me. Either way i will be ready for to play more live shows soon and i have been missing the feeling of being on stage. Very much so looking forward to having a new CD to add to my portfolio.
If Left Leg doesn't happen to miraculously start playing catch up i will go ahead and release the solo Mic Burns album to get these bad ass new tracks off the shelf to make room for the next project.
OZ.. If your reading this i hope it encourages you to pick up the pace. I know domino night is important . I'm sure the guys are thinking if they cant pull you away from that how will we ever be able to tour?.. and in that case will we ever be able to sell these CD's... and in that case why make the financial investment in the first place on making the CD's. Vinz Clortho plans on playing shows before the new year and has a # of songs. So the question now is why press a Leg CD if we could press a Vinz Clorto CD we could sell at shows. You have to have songs before you can play a show so the point here i do believe is that you must make a point to get your parts of the Leg album done soon or i believe the project may be abandoned... yet again.
its only 4 songs... make it happen.

Left Leg Limpin

We have been hitting the studio hard! I have finished putting lyrics on 3 of the 4 solo Mic Burns tracks to grace the new Leg Album. The 4th will be recorded within a week i expect. I have watched as Timm meticulously polished 2 of the tracks. Leaving me very little else to do but get to work on the other Leg tracks that have the whole group on them. We have half of the first track finished. It only lacks Stank and Timms parts so it may as well be considered done. I am Hopeful that at this pace we may be able to release "Family Feud" by the first of the year. New Years Eve is when i'd like to begin selling them but i have learned to anticipate speed bumps.
Looking forward to everyone getting a chance to hear these new songs. I am rather proud of them. Normally i am very critical of my work but i believe i've outdone myself this time. I imagine that is the goal everyone will be shooting for this time around.
Timm Tayshuns solo album has just been released by "Chupa Cabra House" His Fledgling Indy Label. Chupa Cabra House will be releasing the upcoming Leg Album so look out!

The Leg Gets To Recording

Stank and Myself Layed down a few new tracks Last Sunday. This is a promising start for the upcoming Left Leg Limpin Reunion album. Not only has the bulk of my solo Tracks been written or recorded but i also have my verse recorded for the first in the line of group tracks we are recording.
I do believe this album could over shadow any of our previous work.
Although getting the group all together weekly for status reports and feedback has been a hassle. Who'd have ever imagined us with so many obligations. This coming Thursday (the day i picked as best for me) i am now covering for a co-worker .
All considered. I am very pleased.

What a Great Weekend.

Well, The BBQ and Punk Rock Show went without a hitch. I had a wonderful time. I am amazed how many people braved the 100+ temperatures to hang out with us at the park.
After the BBQ all the bulk of the leftovers went to feed the homeless at the park. They seemed more excited about the tiny grill we gave them than the food. Then i drank some whiskey with them and headed for the show.
I have to say i was amazed again at what a great turnout we had. It seemed that every performer there must have drown a crowd because it was sweltering hot in the bar but no one complained and everyone danced to the music and drank and had a good time.

Herbivore / Carnivore BBQ

Friday, August 1st

Fort Smith will be reliving an old tradition of Picnicking at the River Park. If you are unfamiliar with the location it is under the bridge that goes from downtown Fort Smith to Oklahoma. I recommend you go ahead and get good parking at Heros. (409 Garrison Ave.) Then walk a few short blocks to the river.
Bluntsworth will be suppling some Burgers, Hotdogs, Buns, paper plates,and a few sides. Although its not mandatory any supplies you can bring will be appreciated. I recommend cold drinks, chips, your favorite side dish. The more the merrier. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces.
I expect at least a few of you bring your musical instrument of choice to help the keep the BBQ festive.

Last Chance.

Fire Dont Care.

A+ Setup.

Timm Tayshun.

and before the show, be SURE not to miss out on this:

Not only are our friends Last Chance, and Fire Don't Care coming back from their Tour De Mexico but more of our friends who are newlywed are wanting to spend their day with all of their dear friends !! They have chosen this as the best day/night to share with everyone. So come out and eat, drink, and then watch Fort Smiths best bands play late into the night.

Family Feud

There have been talk now of an upcoming Leg Album! Earmarked for the First of the year. Family Feud will be a four part project. 4 songs apiece from Timm Tayshun, Stank Dogg, OZ, and Myself.
There will be mainly solo tracks by each artist with at least one track with the old gang all together.
Rumor also has it that Mr. Barling may appear on one of the "Mic Burns" tracks. Although this is only speculation at this point.

Left Leg Limpin Lost Tracks

Oz and myself are putting our collections together of rare home recordings and live footage.
We are hoping to have an Anthology ready with that plus are 2 old albums. This collection should be ready for download by October 2008.
Despite rumors of a triumphant come back it seems the best we can hope for at this time is the hope of a couple new tracks.
The tentative third album is still a on the back burner.
Sorry folks. One day i will have to happen.

Bluntsworth Rides Again

Now that Timm Tayshun has completed his solo album and the website is up and running it is time for the band to join back together to form a giant rhyme machine that want to take over the world.. one punk rock venue at a time!