Left Leg Limpin

We have been hitting the studio hard! I have finished putting lyrics on 3 of the 4 solo Mic Burns tracks to grace the new Leg Album. The 4th will be recorded within a week i expect. I have watched as Timm meticulously polished 2 of the tracks. Leaving me very little else to do but get to work on the other Leg tracks that have the whole group on them. We have half of the first track finished. It only lacks Stank and Timms parts so it may as well be considered done. I am Hopeful that at this pace we may be able to release "Family Feud" by the first of the year. New Years Eve is when i'd like to begin selling them but i have learned to anticipate speed bumps.
Looking forward to everyone getting a chance to hear these new songs. I am rather proud of them. Normally i am very critical of my work but i believe i've outdone myself this time. I imagine that is the goal everyone will be shooting for this time around.
Timm Tayshuns solo album has just been released by "Chupa Cabra House" His Fledgling Indy Label. Chupa Cabra House will be releasing the upcoming Leg Album so look out!

The Leg Gets To Recording

Stank and Myself Layed down a few new tracks Last Sunday. This is a promising start for the upcoming Left Leg Limpin Reunion album. Not only has the bulk of my solo Tracks been written or recorded but i also have my verse recorded for the first in the line of group tracks we are recording.
I do believe this album could over shadow any of our previous work.
Although getting the group all together weekly for status reports and feedback has been a hassle. Who'd have ever imagined us with so many obligations. This coming Thursday (the day i picked as best for me) i am now covering for a co-worker .
All considered. I am very pleased.

What a Great Weekend.

Well, The BBQ and Punk Rock Show went without a hitch. I had a wonderful time. I am amazed how many people braved the 100+ temperatures to hang out with us at the park.
After the BBQ all the bulk of the leftovers went to feed the homeless at the park. They seemed more excited about the tiny grill we gave them than the food. Then i drank some whiskey with them and headed for the show.
I have to say i was amazed again at what a great turnout we had. It seemed that every performer there must have drown a crowd because it was sweltering hot in the bar but no one complained and everyone danced to the music and drank and had a good time.