Herbivore / Carnivore BBQ

Friday, August 1st

Fort Smith will be reliving an old tradition of Picnicking at the River Park. If you are unfamiliar with the location it is under the bridge that goes from downtown Fort Smith to Oklahoma. I recommend you go ahead and get good parking at Heros. (409 Garrison Ave.) Then walk a few short blocks to the river.
Bluntsworth will be suppling some Burgers, Hotdogs, Buns, paper plates,and a few sides. Although its not mandatory any supplies you can bring will be appreciated. I recommend cold drinks, chips, your favorite side dish. The more the merrier. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces.
I expect at least a few of you bring your musical instrument of choice to help the keep the BBQ festive.

Last Chance.

Fire Dont Care.

A+ Setup.

Timm Tayshun.

and before the show, be SURE not to miss out on this:

Not only are our friends Last Chance, and Fire Don't Care coming back from their Tour De Mexico but more of our friends who are newlywed are wanting to spend their day with all of their dear friends !! They have chosen this as the best day/night to share with everyone. So come out and eat, drink, and then watch Fort Smiths best bands play late into the night.

Family Feud

There have been talk now of an upcoming Leg Album! Earmarked for the First of the year. Family Feud will be a four part project. 4 songs apiece from Timm Tayshun, Stank Dogg, OZ, and Myself.
There will be mainly solo tracks by each artist with at least one track with the old gang all together.
Rumor also has it that Mr. Barling may appear on one of the "Mic Burns" tracks. Although this is only speculation at this point.

Left Leg Limpin Lost Tracks

Oz and myself are putting our collections together of rare home recordings and live footage.
We are hoping to have an Anthology ready with that plus are 2 old albums. This collection should be ready for download by October 2008.
Despite rumors of a triumphant come back it seems the best we can hope for at this time is the hope of a couple new tracks.
The tentative third album is still a on the back burner.
Sorry folks. One day i will have to happen.

Bluntsworth Rides Again

Now that Timm Tayshun has completed his solo album and the website is up and running it is time for the band to join back together to form a giant rhyme machine that want to take over the world.. one punk rock venue at a time!