Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center and Surrounding Areas

  Having the day off together we wanted to make the most of it by at least not sitting around the house all day and going for some adventuring. We have only be over to the Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center once before and decide to go nose around.  As with most outing we found some interesting spots between point A and point B.
 There was and good mile long stretch of road with numberous old rock stairs leading up to barren patches of land long ago cleared and grown over.
  Being as interested in Fort Smith history as I am i feel the need to research for some old pictures of the area.

  The sceanic trail around Wells Lake and the Beaver Creek  are nice. The trails that extended out further were beautiful and even the few muddy parts of the trail were easily navigated.
  We made a light lunch out of some kipper snacks and pickled eggs with cheese and crackers.  I climbed a tree and we lounged  in a clearing full of daffodils.
 We even startled a deer at one point and it stopped and watched us until i tried to walk slowly to it and it of course bolted. Other than that the only wild life we managed to see this trip was a beaver, bullfrog, and some hawks.
  All in all i have to say that for how close it is to our home that The Nature center makes for a pretty nice outing. 



Mic Burns Was Here

 It only takes me moments to get homesick after leaving my mothers home outside Chillicothe, Oh. Its been nearly a year and I am ready to get back to Ross county to visit the family and get some of that Paint Valley wind in my hair.
 Everytime I go to visit now I take hundreds of pictures of the woods line. The papermill in Chillicothe. The roads I grew up taking anytime we left the house. When I lived there I longed for here and as I lve here I long for there.
 With the recent collapse of my job i am looking into the options of going a back to school and I will be focused on computers. I will retain hope that eventually I can get a job that will allow me to travel more often so that I could make Ohio a destiantion I can visit more than every year of so.
 I love living in the River Valley here in the outskirts of Fort Smith. The friends I have here I've known as long as I knew my friends I grw up with in Ohio but The friends there where there for my early formative years and hold a sentimental attachment that makes me feel like I 'm missing out not being able to see them more often. Not to metion all of my step cousins I was raised with since I was about 3-4.eeing there is nothing more interesting for me to post about now I'll just take this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane in anticipation of my upcoming trip back tothe old stomping grounds.

Its interesting being back in Amish Country. I would love it if there were little Amish Markets around here.  I love going there and we make it a point to load up on goodies everytime we are there. You may think going to the Amish for goodies is strange and it may well be but we do have strange tastes and I dont see how anyone can argue with the freshness and quality of all of the goods they have for sale. I will be defiantely stopping back by and this time i will not make the mistake of not getting bacon cut from a whole side of hog. Last time i told myself I'd come back for it but I never did. :(
 I wonder if the Amish we seen in Cincinnati  were from the same region as my old hometown of from any of the numerous Ohio communitys.

I grew up in these woods and it has a call that makes me muck about in the woods everytime I visit.
It always manages to take me back to my earlier less cinical days where I could spend hours in a tree reading books and enjoying the nature.

Yoctangee Park

Alright Friends and Family. If all goes as plan I'll be back to visit in early May. 

C Bean Transport. C as in coffee and Bean, also like coffee.

Well, I've always had a way of getting jobs at independent buisnesses that inevitably go belly up. I am not surprised that this job was no different. I admit that in a lot of ways it was a crappy job but by compairison with a lot of my other jobs I've had this one worked for me well. The pay was good by my standards. When I started and was working full time I had more cash than I knew what to do with but soon as my job was downsized i ended up with 24-25 hours a week and the cash well dried up but I still was bringing home for 2 days work what i could make working 5 days waiting tables or working back at the Theater.  It did really sneak up on us at C Bean Transport. We all knew at work that our days were numbered. When the company wide 5% pay decrease came we should have jumped ship. That would be reasonable but reasonable I am not. Now a year after that daddy came home and the party was over! Well, almost over. I still have to work this weekend but after that....OVER!.. . Simply click  here for a much more informitive article.
 Now its time to see what the future holds for me. I've always looked at loosing a job as an opportunity to better myself. I feel bad for the various men and women who worked there that were working to have health insurance for sick family members and those who were simply supporting familys. I'll be fine. It's them i worry about.