Concrete Countertop Experiment

Stage 500,004 of the remodel job we are doing on my home. It seems no matter how many steps forward there is always another step back and todays hurdle came in the form of to roof repair we did to fix the cause of our problems was not as final as we had hoped.  A quick fix will mosty likely have to step aside for a complete reroofing.
Todays project was a concrete countertop. After buying all new cabinets I was tempted to get a premade top but cutting cost at this point was a nice change. for a 12' by 2' countertop with a 20" by 31" hole for a sink. only cost about 10$ for the wood top we used as a lid for the cabinets.Then we used scrap wood we'll pulled out earlier in the remodel to build our frame. Then stapled a layer of chicken wire I had in the barn to the inside of the frame. Three 80pound bags of quickcrete and a few cups of portland later we were adding color. After the area was set enough (about 3 hours after we started ) we drizzled some drops of water based paint on the surface and stricked it across until we had the effect we desired.
Now we let it set 2-3 days then we remove the forms.