On the Trail Of Kukulkan

 Following my wedding on the solstice the wife and  I set out to find Feathered Serpent .  The  Chicxulub Crater's call is strong and the the Yucat√°n Peninsula's residents are amazing people. I must admit that some of the most memorable experiences I had there were related to public transit but when I was able to get away into the heart of the region I learned just how amazing it really was there in the ancient Maya Lowlands . The people we meet were friendly although it was at times hard to get away from masses of people eager to sell you something but truly everyone was very nice.I would have gladly bought way more from the locals than the buisnesses.

One regret I have is that we took a bus into Chichen Itza that wasn't abliged to allow us to wonder about the small towns. I am fairly certain they didn't want us getting to buy things they were wanting to sell from somewhere that didn't have the sam inflated prices as they were offering.  


 We had demonstrated to us how the ancients technique of carrying rocks on their heads had left a genetic trait that allowed for them to dance around fast with a beer on their heads and spin like a top without spilling a drop.  The food we ate in these small communities was some of the best food I've ever had and the dinner theatre was a nice touch.

A town built on the remnants of an empire. It was truly remarkable but the truly impressive was still yet to be seen.  With a quick stop at one of the  local  cenotes we cooled off with a quick dip. The weather is remarkably balmy this time of year and  it was a nice change with how cool it was down in the cenote .

It was amazing how all the fish just swam with you and how the amazing long roots of the surrounding jungle hung down the rocky walls to drink from the cool water.
This would be the last cool moment for a few hours.



Then out of nowhere we get covered by dark black clouds bringing in a hard hitting rain that cooled everything down finally but had us so drenched we couldn't bring our selves to take our camera back out of its bag. Its a shame to because this was a time when we had slipped away from the group and got stuck in a small open shop that was shoulder to shoulder packed with Japenese tourist. This was a time I would have liked to capture on film but soon as the sun came back out we rushed of to try and catch Kukulkan has he slipped down the Pyrimid de Chitzen Itza.
 A short time later we were back on our air conditioned bus in our rain covered clothes and managed to actually get cold for a short spell on our way back to our lodging in Cancun.

Vinz Clortho

I do believe that Vinz Clortho may be picking up momentum as Left Leg Limpin seems to be losing momentum. Doesn't matter to me. Either way i will be ready for to play more live shows soon and i have been missing the feeling of being on stage. Very much so looking forward to having a new CD to add to my portfolio.
If Left Leg doesn't happen to miraculously start playing catch up i will go ahead and release the solo Mic Burns album to get these bad ass new tracks off the shelf to make room for the next project.
OZ.. If your reading this i hope it encourages you to pick up the pace. I know domino night is important . I'm sure the guys are thinking if they cant pull you away from that how will we ever be able to tour?.. and in that case will we ever be able to sell these CD's... and in that case why make the financial investment in the first place on making the CD's. Vinz Clortho plans on playing shows before the new year and has a # of songs. So the question now is why press a Leg CD if we could press a Vinz Clorto CD we could sell at shows. You have to have songs before you can play a show so the point here i do believe is that you must make a point to get your parts of the Leg album done soon or i believe the project may be abandoned... yet again.
its only 4 songs... make it happen.